About Persia G.A.

Persia G.A, a Multi Industry company based in Tehran-Iran for over 20 years, has become an expert in business, services and investments. Our business is multi-industry, multi-product, multi-service, overseeing operations across the region. Expert understanding across all our sectors comes from our lengthy experience and outstanding track record of success. Creating the appropriate infrastructures and supporting industries, we’ve fostered excellent conditions for our partners to succeed.

Over the Years , By having diverse consumer business, excellent brand reputation and strategic marketing initiatives,  we have established extensive business and distribution networks which have enabled us to gain for our different business lines.

Our continuous efforts in research and development have also enabled us to launch many successful consumer products. For organizations looking to expand, we’ve created the ideal environment of prosperity through our considerable investment, passion and commitment. Having expanded into a wide range of diverse industries, we’ve been responsible for both the rapid growth of the sectors and the creation of new opportunities yet to be fully capitalized on.  Our ambition is to continue the growth of our partners’ businesses and expand our operation across the region.